Emergency Coffee Machine

Amy Noel
Cone 6 stoneware clay
2’ Height x 1.5’ Length x 2’ Width
Email: amyderrah@gmail.com

Process - The main vessels were thrown on the wheel then trimmed by hand. Lace details were added by printing lace onto slabs then shaping them into handles and spouts. The pots were dipped in 4 different glazes (as well as splashed). Fired to cone 6.

“In the case of an emergency situation where you are rendered without power, fear not! You are now equipped with your very own Emergency Coffee Machine. Your number 1 priority of ensuring that you have a way to make coffee during a power outage is now covered.”



1. Light a fire outside, preferably with charcoal. Get 6-7 charcoal briquettes red hot.
2. Fill the Gama with water and place it over the Furo.
3. Add a hot briquette in the furo. Wait one minute, then add the other briquettes at one minute intervals (allowing the Furo and Gama to slowly heat up). Continue to maintain the fire until the water boils (possibly 1 hour).
4. Prepare the coffee drip: put a coffee filter in the drip cup and place over the coffee pitcher, use the Kohi-shaku (or chashaku, coffee scoop) to put one scoop of coffee grounds from the Kohi-ire (or chaire, coffee container) in the drip cup.
5. Use the Hishaku (water ladle) to scoop hot water from the Gama and pour it over the drip cup. Fill the drip cup 3 times and let drain into the coffee pitcher.
6. Go pick a wildflower for the Hana-ire (flower vase). If winter, find a branch or twig. Creating the correct ambiance is essential for enjoying your cup of coffee.
7. Pour your coffee into the coffee mug.
8. Add any desired sugar or cream.
9. Finally, drink your coffee!