Steven Peters

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My ceramic sculptures celebrate the expressive and fluid qualities of clay. Since 2010 I have focussed on pieces that hang on the wall, combining extruded forms with thin slabs that have been pushed and prodded into quasi-organic shapes. I tend to work by assembling disparate elements in a somewhat random fashion until a relationship emerges and ultimately there is a feeling of necessity. I regard my work as an eternal search for the elusive beauty that embraces awkwardness, the harmony within dissonance, a spacious visceral energy.

My background includes studying drawing and sculpture at the New York Studio School in the late 1960s, and more recently, ceramics at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. My work received second prize in the 2012 International Competition of Ground Arts in New York City, and is represented in public and private collections across Canada.

38 Albion Road
Halifax, NS B3P 1P7
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Tidal Song