Sharon Fiske

Clayworks Limited


Halifax, NS

My life as a potter over the past thirty years has taken me around the world: Asia-Pacific, Europe and throughout North America. These experiences have exposed me to people and places that have been influential in my development as a production potter and my growth as a ceramic artist. I have established a diverse body of work that attracts the interest of both art enthusiasts and people seeking functional production ware. I have produced one-of-a-kind pieces that are often humorous, colorful, and accented with sculptural details or thrown, expressing delightful animated forms.

Clay is totally controllable yet so unpredictable. These extremes only fuel my imagination and desire to challenge its characteristics. Such is the way of an artist. I chose clay.

I have transitioned to a home studio and I will concentrate on one-of-a-kind pieces. Commissioned work will be entertained.

Sharon Fiske-Muise
2751 Robert Murphy Drive
Halifax, Nova ScotiaB3L 3T3
H - 902 453-0210   C - 902 471-8429
Home studio, call ahead


Craig Gallery 2005 - Food for Thought

Craig Gallery 2005 - Food for Thought