Tea Everlasting

Alexis Vessey
Porcelain, glaze, stains, ink, fibre optics, battery lights
Cups: 4-6 cm Height x 11 cm Width
Urn: 32 cm Height x 13 cm Width
Email: alexisceramic@gmail.com

β€œThe cups and saucers I pinched into shape; the urn I coil-built, then carved in details. All the pieces had holes drilled in them, allowing for fibre optics and a small light to be installed in the finished pieces. I used mason stains under a crackle glaze. Once the pieces were glaze fired, I brushed on coloured inks and washed it away, leaving colour in the crackle lines. This is a tea party hosted by 4 little girls who discovered the waters of everlasting life, which allowed them to maintain their imaginations and exuberance as they make their way in the world.”