2017 PGNS Annual General Meeting

Date:  Sunday, March 26th

Time:  1:00 pm

Place:  North End Community Centre,
105 Highfield Park Drive, Dartmouth

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            902-471-8429 (Sharon's Cell)

            902-430-8661 (Judy's Cell)

The Agenda is below -  If you have any suggestions, please send them along to Judy Gordon at:


Looking forward to seeing you there. If you know a potter who's not a member - you could bring them along.

If you can, please bring good snacks to share (and a beverage for yourself if you like) at this meeting. Potters and Food....a great concept!

Thank you

See you next Sunday!!

Judy and Sharon



Please arrive at 12:30pm to set up if you plan on participating in the Buy & Swap.  All items will be available for viewing during our break.  All transactions will have to wait until the end of the meeting.  We will do our best to finish by 3:30 pm.


1. Welcome, Introductions and Regrets [Co-Presidents]
2. Minutes of Guild AGM held February 21, 2016 [Gillian]
3. Presentation of reports
     Financial Report for 2016 [Carol Morrow]
     Membership Report [Carol Morrow]
     Communications Report [Carol Smeraldo]
     Website Report [Shauna MacLeod]
4. Upcoming Events, Possible Workshops [Executive]
5. Iris Patterson Presentation
6. Supply Issues
7. Elections