Marla Benton

Mahone Bay, NS  
By appointment only

I earned my education through the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the Ontario College of Art and Design (BFA) and Nipissing University (BED).  As an artist and teacher, I worked in the Yukon, northern Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Ceramics is an art form that allows for function and sculpture to mix or be completely separate.  My style varies depending on the project that I am working on.  I find myself amused with functional ceramics that engage the user in a playful manner and sculptures that create an emotional reaction for a viewer.

Phone: (902) 220-5150
Email: marlabenton@gmail.com
Website: http://www.marlabenton.com.       

Instagram: @marla.benton

I teach out of the Lunenburg School of the Arts and the Chester Arts Centre. I also teach through PAINTS (Professional Artists in the Schools) projects during the school year.


Harvest Gallery, Wolfville, NS
Designer Shop, Halifax, NS
The Trainyard Store, Dartmouth, NS
The Biscuit Eater, Mahone Bay
Sprig, Mahone Bay, NS

Bottles Sept 2017 (12).JPG