Louise Pentz

Louise Pentz

Pentz Pottery

190 Pentz Rd. (15 min. from Bridgewater)
Pentz, NS
Work may be viewed by appointment only.

Clay is the perfect material to express and symbolize the human experience. Clay is known as the great imitator – it can take on the appearance of almost any material and it richly expresses skin, leather, and textiles for the purpose of these figures.

Clay, like us, is fragile, vulnerable, and temporary. Also like us – it is strong, functional, and can have a very long legacy.

My figures of clay represent the enduring strength and fragile vulnerability of women from all times.Within the confines of sexual discrimination, a degraded self-image, and marginalized resources – women function. The focus of my sculpture is to reveal the strength of spirit that directs these narratives of experience. It is especially their forms, which have been marked, scarred and smoked, that suggest time and rough passage.

This process makes an indelible connection to ancestral figures which are still with us today telling the human stories from their distant time and place.http://www.secordgallery.com/gallery/main.php

Phone: (902) 688-2732
Email: Louise@pentzgallery.ns.ca
Website: http://www.pentzgallery.ns.ca




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