Lee Yorke

Lee Yorke Hand Crafts

Lee York

56 Mosswood Lane
Valley (near Truro), NS B6L 2K5

Pottery, woodworking and weaving provide me with a pleasant escape from the pressures of day-to-day life. I find the process of creating as important as the end result and I get true pleasure from taking a ball of clay, piece of wood or skein of yarn and guiding them to something that is useful and pleasant to look upon. From the motorized kick wheel I inherited from my grandmother and then rebuilt, to tools that I mostly make myself, I feel a very special connection when I am working with clay. As my pottery shed is unheated I only throw in warm weather – a summer day spent throwing pots listening to the birds outside the open doors of my shed is a grand day indeed.

I sell my pots to friends and family at informal “shows”, occasional craft fairs and Jack & Ella’s Gifts & Treats in Tatamagouche.

Phone: 902 893-1176
Email: leeyorkecmp@gmail.com


Jack & Ella's Gifts & Treats
245 Main St. Unit 2
Tatamagouche NS
B0K 1V0