Karen Robinson

Robinson Clay Studio

115 Farmer’s Dairy Lane
Bedford, NS B4B 2C9

My study and work in Movement Education (B.Ed.) and Psychology research (B.Sc.) were followed by a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (‘81).  I studied clay, fabric design, and sculpture at NSCAD and at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

Then I ran a full-time clay studio and taught adult and children’s classes at NSCAD’s Extension Department. Life’s challenges have required me to veer off at times, but I am never far from this life-long passion.
My work has appeared in numerous juried shows locally and nationally, graced the cover of Fusion magazine, and been carried in Canadian and US galleries.

Either I use cone 6 buff stoneware, paint or draw on the bisque, and finish with clear glaze; or I paint stains on white glaze. Playfulness and function join in pieces meant to be used and enjoyed in people’s daily lives.

Phone: 902 452-3002

Animal goblets, cone 6 white stoneware, stains. 4 inches, Karen Robinson.jpg