Judy Gordon

Judy Gordon

Turn Around Pottery

241 Kinsac Road
Beaver Bank, NS B4G 1C6

After my first pottery class in 1998, I was hooked. Clay is my passion; its possibilities are endless. My present body of work is Cone 6 Stoneware and Raku.

Any day that includes Raku firing is a good day. I strive for the rich look of contrasting metallic and crackle glazes against the unglazed, blackened clay. There is suspense when a piece is taken from the smoking container and revealed. The amber colour from ferric chloride sprayed on the hot piece fresh from the kiln produces an unmatched warm depth.

After all, clay is my passion.

Phone: Call ahead for studio visit: 902-864-0024
Email: turnaroundpottery@gmail.com
Website: http://art1274hollis.com 


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