Title: Bee

Dimensions: 12 ¼”

Medium: Earthenware

Date Made: 2019

Retail Price: $250

Artist’s Statement (meaning/inspiration, etc.): I love repeating patters.  I also like over-all patterns that don’t require orientation.  Lantz clay with white slip and underglaze and stamped decoration.  Transparent coloured glaze over the stamped honeycomb.  Fire to cone 03.


Title: Crow

Dimensions: 13 7/8”

Medium: earthenware clay

Date Made: 2018

Retail Price: Not for Sale

Artist’s Statement (meaning/inspiration, etc.): As a closet watercolour painter, I have really come to love painting with underglazes.  They require careful planning but are rewarded in their permanent nature.  Patient layering of colour, with the ability to scratch back through to the white base, will give you immense control over the image.  Lantz clay with white slip and underglaze covered with a transparent glaze and fired to cone 03.

Tim Worthington received an MFA from NSCAD in 1976 (first MFA grad) and started Birdsall Worthington Pottery Ltd. with business partner, Pam Birdsall, in 1977.  He has been a full-time potter for over 40 years and still loves making things with clay.  He makes an assortment of both functional and decorative objects, and is particularly fond of creating useful items that are a pleasure to look at.  He loves the whole process of making pottery and the inherent problem-solving that accompanies the exercise.  The kick is to find the rhythm in the making.