Title: Queen Bee

Dimensions: 8 ¼” tall x 5 ½” wide

Medium: Porcelain

Date Made: June 27, 2019

Retail Price: $145


Artist’s Statement (meaning/inspiration, etc.):  I love to sit amongst the flowers and watch the bumblebees buzzing along from one flower to the next.  Experiencing the delicate rhythm of their hum.  In early spring, the bumblebee queen is busy foraging for pollen, preparing to create her colony. This vase is to honor her.   May she forever have blossoms to drink from.  Wheel thrown porcelain, carved, clear gaze and fired to Cone 6. 

Karyn Hollasch is a ceramic artist working out of her home studio in West Chezzetcook, a small town on the beautiful eastern shore of Nova Scotia.  There, she keeps the company of a very patient husband and a high maintenance feline. 

While focused on pursuing other professions, Karyn would take evening classes to learn about making pottery.  It was evident early on that there was a strong love of carving and altering clay. In 2017, hobby turned to profession. Now, her work can be found in local shops, galleries, pop-up markets and occasionally on-line.