Title: Tudor Bird House

Dimensions: 10” X5 ½” X 10 ¼”

Medium: Stoneware

Date Made: June 30, 2019

Retail Price: $175

Artist’s Statement (meaning/inspiration, etc.): Because one of my hobbies is building dollhouses and accessories, I incorporated the concept of a house for this show.  Thus, I came up with the birdhouse idea and used the Tudor style to decorate it.  Cone 6 stoneware oxidation fired, with underglazes.

Jo-Ann Shaw has been doing pottery casually since 1988 when she took her first pottery class at Findlay Centre in Dartmouth, NS, using earthenware clay. After moving to Calgary, she became part of a city-run studio and started working with various other types of clay, including porcelain and stoneware. One of her specialties is making wheel-thrown pottery in miniature, small enough to fit into 1:12 scale dollhouses. She also enjoys slab building, sculpture, and making and using press moulds. Since returning to Nova Scotia, Jo-Ann teaches pottery classes through the HRM Recreation Program.