Title: “Love is Love” Wedding Cake Pedestal


Dimensions: 13” diameter  x 6.5” high

Medium: Mid-fire porcelain

Date Made: June 2019            

Retail Price: $550

Artist’s Statement (meaning/inspiration, etc.): “The birds and the bees” is a common euphemism for sexual activity.  For a long time, society strove both legally and morally to regulate and limit who is “doing’ it” with whom.  This September 24, which coincides with The Birds and the Bees, is the fifteenth anniversary of same-sex marriage in Nova Scotia.  This piece honours that anniversary by recognizing and celebrating loving, intimate relationships and marriages in all their beautiful diversity.  Love is love. Hand-built, mid-fire porcelain with inlaid underglaze and glazes.  The pedestal is two separate pieces to facilitate storage of any left-over cake!


Title: “Flock”

Dimensions: 7 pieces, each approximately 4.5” x 4.5”

Medium: Mid-fire stoneware

Date Made:  June 2019

Retail Price:  $50 each

Artist’s Statement (meaning/inspiration, etc.): As a child, I was intrigued by the old adage, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  What would it be like to hold a bird in your hands?  I had an image of a bird settling quietly into cupped hands, warm, soft, trusting, taking and giving comfort.  I decided to make such a bird in stoneware, so that a cup of tea would nestle into shape of my hands, providing tactile pleasure and warmth along with a comforting drink.  Before I knew it, I had a flock.  The birds are hand-built from various stoneware clays. They were darted and then burnished, so the unglazed clay would be appealing to the touch.  After application of underglaze (beaks and eyes) and glaze, they were fired to Cone 6.

Carol Morrow comes from a family of vigorous women who have been makers of objects for many generations.  She dabbled in various media from childhood on, and continued to experiment with craft while pursuing a professional career.  In mid-life she was smitten with the possibilities of clay, returned to school, and upon graduation moved to Nova Scotia to set up her own studio. 

Carol has degrees in science, theology, and business administration; she takes the most pride, however, in her diploma in Craft and Design from Sheridan College in Oakville, ON.  She has been a juried member of Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, and her work has been exhibited at various public and private galleries in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  She is currently a member of Peer Gallery of Contemporary Art in Lunenburg.