lichen grid pot

Margaret Bailly

I hand build one of a kind sculptural vases and planting pots from slabs. The slabs are covered in texture immediately after rolling and then the pots are formed. Texture embedded in clay and coated with textured glazes is my obsession. My favourite textures are from found objects not intended for pottery.  Each hand built pot is unique with custom treated surfaces for both texture and glaze strategy.  Glaze testing was a favorite pastime of mine while at NSCAD University where I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with a Double Major in Fine Art and Ceramics in 2006.

Making clay vessels to hold plant life is a way to combine my passion for art with my passion for plants in one moment together.

Phone: (902) 850-2916
Galleries: Crouchers Pt. Gallery

sweeping mustard towel
earth toned speckled cowl