Therese Bombardier

Therese Bombardier

Therese Bombardier Designs

Halifax, NS

Therese Bombardier hails from Windsor, Ontario, but makes the Atlantic her home away from home. smsn9545

Therese has always been drawn to working with things from the past and using them in a new, repurposed way; there is a lot of play with old and new. In a way, she pays respect to common, beautiful pieces that were created before her time and to the women who made them. Her designs are a mix of nostalgic and contemporary, imprinting clay with patterns from antique doilies and lace to incorporate them in her ceramic jewellery, vessels and other products. Therese is currently launching her latest work, Aurous, a collection of unique hand-built ceramics made with porcelain and black stoneware. Each item is truly one-of-kind with its own distinct imperfections and nuances highlighted with gold and silver luster.

Her work is currently available in shops throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Manitoba.

Therese holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University with a focus on photography, ceramics and jewellery. She recently won The 2016 Ace’s Deluxe Pitcher of the Year for her contribution to her recreational softball team.

Therese lives and works in Halifax, NS.