The Executive Council

The elected leaders of the Nova Scotia Potters Guild.


Judy Gordon - co-President

Telephone : 902-864-0024
Cell Phone: 902-430-8661


Shauna MacLeod - workshop coordinator

"I work to plan workshops, shows, and special events for the guild."

Phone Number: 902-225-7582

Email Address:


Carol Morrow - membership coordinator

"I am responsible for the master list of current members and their information, including what information they wish to make public; I also encourage/nag members to renew each year."

Phone Number:  902-634-3977

Email Address:

Carols Portrait 2015 (2).jpg

Carol Smeraldo - Communications Coordinator

"I gather and put together articles and photos and publish The Dish once a year and I look after forwarding information to the membership through our gmail."

Telephone Number: 902-434-1336

Email Address:


Gerri Frager - Member at large

"I serve as a community-based representative, a potter, a person with some skills and more opinions which I’m happy to offer to the collective, inclusive of brainstorming strategies"

Telephone Number: 902-802-1062

Email Address:

erin's headshot.jpg

Erin Wells - Website Manager and Designer

"Having joined the executive council in 2016, I am the youngest, and one of the newest, council members. Since joining; I've redesigned the guild website entirely and I hope you're enjoying my work! If you have any website suggestions, issues, or questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly."

Telephone Number: 514-709-7504
Email Address:
Instagram: erinlwells
Facebook: Erin Wells Facebook


Sharon Fiske -  Co-President

Telephone Number: 902-453-0210

Sheri White - Treasurer 

Phone: 902-402-7691



Andrea puszkar- Secretary 

Phone: 902-495-0799