The Executive Council

The elected leaders of the Nova Scotia Potters Guild.


Judy Gordon - co-President


Telephone : 902-864-0024
Cell Phone: 902-430-8661


Sharon Fiske -  Co-President


Telephone Number: 902-453-0210

Carol Morrow - membership coordinator

"I am responsible for the master list of current members and their information, including what information they wish to make public; I also encourage/nag members to renew each year."

Email Address:

Phone Number:  902-634-3977


Carols Portrait 2015 (2).jpg

Carol Smeraldo - Communications Coordinator

"I gather and put together articles and photos and publish The Dish once a year and I look after forwarding information to the membership through our gmail."

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 902-434-1336

Elizabeth Brownrigg - Treasurer (acting)




Andrea Puszkar - secretary

"Looking forward to getting to know you all as the new guild secretary.”



Shauna MacLeod -

workshop coordinator

"I work to plan workshops, shows, and special events for the guild."

Email Address:

Phone Number: 902-225-7582


Sheri White - Website Manager and design

“I truly enjoy web design and understand what a great advantage it is for our members to have pages that are current and that help others to find our work.”


Member Profiles - Nancy Roberts

For changes to your member profile on the Nova Scotia Potters Guild website, please contact Nancy. (Click on her name, above)

Facebook/Instagram - Iris Patterson

Iris helps manage our Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you’d like her to post information about an event, or recent photos, please contact Iris. (Click on her name, above.)


Gerri Frager - Member at large

"I serve as a community-based representative, a potter, a person with some skills and more opinions which I’m happy to offer to the collective, inclusive of brainstorming strategies"

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 902-802-1062